Ashworth Design specializes in deliveringinspired, highly customized design solutions

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Delivering inspired, highly customized design solutions.

Ashworth Design specializes in delivering inspired, highly customized design solutions to businesses and individuals of all industries, ranging from large corporations to charities, small businesses, and freelance professionals.

Graphic design is performed by Christine Fair and website design is executed as a collaboration with fellow Grant MacEwan University graduate and web expert, Stephen Tremblett. Together they deliver the best of both worlds; websites that perfectly combine form and function.

Diversified experience in the areas of graphic design, advertising, and website development afford Christine the perspective and knowledge to create visual communication for every need. Her background in illustration and love of art and typography elevates her work aesthetic, resulting in attractive design that works. Effective design is both appealing to the eye and functional for the environment. Every environment is unique and harnessing both components is what makes Christine’s design work.

Large or small, every project is approached with inventive insight and attention to detail, executed in a highly professional manner.

Specialties include brand development, stationary packages, unique print materials, website construction, and corporate reports and documents.


Over the past 15 years Christine has explored a diversified range of design avenues that have given her a strong understanding of design strategy in varied environments.

Originally an art and photography student, her design education began interning with a recruitment advertising firm in York, England in 2005. She then enrolled in Design Studies in Edmonton, Alberta and gained nearly three years experience as a senior designer in a local advertising agency. Seven months of backpacking through Latin America opened her eyes to a new world of expression, patterns, and stunning colour palettes existing in nature. She gained a unique perspective and returned greatly inspired to channel ideas into visual communication that works; and so began Ashworth Design.

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